Nortam Finishing are a precision surface finishing company offering a wide range of specialist coatings to a variety of industries. With a combination of over 70 years’ experience within the finishing industry, we provide superior service levels through technical competence, operational excellence, collaboration and an embedded quality culture

Quality as Standard

Trusted across many sectors, our clients include; Military and Defence providers, Aviation, Space, Medical, Oil and Gas as well as general industrial services. We have an exacting knowledge of the different quality standards that relate to these sectors and consistently deliver them.


Our Commitment

To ensure that Nortam Finishing are at the leading edge of quality, continuous improvement is always a priority. Whether it is investing in new people, equipment, technology or seeking a new approval we will always be found working towards the next goal.

Matt Roberts M.D

Large Processes

We have one of the largest Surtec 650V and Iridite NCP processing tanks in the UK both released IAW MIL-DTL-5541F. Our tanks are 3200 long, 600 wide and 1500 deep with an overhead gantry which is capable of taking weights up to 1 tonne. We are used to working within the time delays required by Surtec 650V and these are captured on our internal process sheets which follow every order.


Nortam Finishing specialise in industry specific coatings that will withstand everything from outer space to the deepest of oceans. We work alongside industries, enabling them to push the boundaries of science, explore new environments and provide the resources required by the modern world.